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Which project interests you?

Last year over half a million people visited our website looking for information on Alzheimer’s prevention, depression, schizophrenia and children’s mental health.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Project

In March we launched this project with the free on-line Cognitive Function test, which has been completed by over 90,000 people. The test is validated against the paper and pencil tests used to diagnose Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), but now we need to run a study on people with diagnosed MCI to be able to test its diagnostic ability. We would also like to develop a version for doctors to use, and to keep the free public version running, but this costs money for servers and support. To do all this will cost us £6,000.

The Schizophrenia Project

One in a hundred suffer from this disease, which both ruins and takes many lives, yet the results we get with nutritional therapy are really good. But how do you prove this and help let more people know there is a way out? We’ve been funding an MSc student for the past two years, who has been researching the many promising aspects of the nutritional treatment of schizophrenia and will soon start a trial, through our Brain Bio Centre clinic. The total cost is around £50,000 – we have £37,000 to go – roughly £12,000 per annum for the next three years.

Smart Kids Project

Children’s nutrition is not getting better. Awareness among parents of the link between good nutrition early in life, mental health and academic performance is poor, as is available information and guidance. We’ve designed a web-based project to reach thousands of young mums, giving them concrete steps to make a positive difference to their child’s physical and mental development. We hope to run a pilot study in a nursery school to give parents and schools a blueprint to follow. Our aim is to have this project televised. This will cost us £3,000.

General funding

We run Food for the Brain on a shoe string, part-manned by volunteers. Last year’s wages bill was under £10,000. However, because of the current economic climate donations have dried up and we lost £10,000. That’s about the sum we need every year to keep offering these invaluable services that meet a real need, helping hundreds of thousands of people. £10 helps us reach 500 people. That’s good value.

Please help

We welcome any donation, however small, but to guarantee our ability to keep helping and informing people, we need a pledged £10,000 a year. That’s only ten people giving £1000 a year, or twenty people giving £500 a year. Would you consider being one of those people?

Alternatively, perhaps there’s one of these projects you’d really like to support with a specific donation? You can make a Gift Aided (tax deductible) donation online or call 07966 406263 or email us on volunteer@foodforthebrain.org.

Anything you can give goes a really long way to help give people concrete ways of supporting mental heaOKlth through nutrition. Without Food for the Brain people simply wouldn’t know what is possible. Please help us to keep spreading the word.

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert – Volunteer Fund Raiser
Patrick Holford – Chief Executive Officer

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